Called to All The World (Music)

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Author: David Glen Hatch

ISBN: 978-1-62108-480-8
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As more and more missionaries are called to serve the Lord throughout the world, now is the time to support their efforts with uplifting and inspiring music. Called to All the World is a beautiful collection of music carefully chosen specifically for missionaries. Combining favorite hymns and thoughtful original compositions, Grammy-nominated pianist David Glen Hatch has masterfully arranged and performed each song to help missionaries stay motivated and focused on serving the Lord with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. Songs include:

1. Hark, All Ye Nations

2. Missionaries (Medley)           

3. Our Savior’s Love

4. Book of Mormon (Medley)

5. Missionary Companions

6. We Are All Enlisted

7. Called To Serve

8. Let Us All Press on

9. Army of Helaman

10. As Sisters in Zion/Ye Elders of Israel (Medley)

Missionary Theme Cycle

(D. Hatch Music Originals)

11. The Call        

12. Morning Prayer     

13. First Contact           

14. Letter from Home

15. Street Encounter

16. Baptism

17. The Last Door

18. Welcoming Arms

19. God Be With You

20. The Lord’s Prayer



Called to All the World is a perfect companion for

missionaries everywhere.



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